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A review of your current marketing practices can reveal ideas for innovative changes to fulfill your goals and achieve greater success.

Analyzing your website, print ads, social media, search engine ranking, and your product packaging (to name a few) is one step toward improved customer service, increased sales, and motivating staff.

Technology tools streamline operations, reduce costs and manage assets, yet choosing & implementing them can be mind-boggling. I offer advisory services on front desk & property management, revenue / yield management, customer relationship management (CRM), social media monitoring tools, marketing platforms, software integration processes, regulatory compliance, (PCI, data security), and project management.

Coaching works well for individuals and small groups who are striving to change old habits, create new ones, strengthen their image, and/or learn new methods. 

I am passionate about helping owners and managers of small businesses and leaders of non-profit organizations. They sometimes just need guidance, training or new eyes to help them see their world more clearly. 

Association Management


Mary Arlington, business consultant

Grant Writer

Consultant​​  <>  Writer  <>  Trainer 

I have a very high success rate with planning, writing, attaining, and managing grant programs.

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Branding is an aspect of very important aspect of marketing. Branding identifies and differentiates your business or product across all platforms of presentation. 

Some issues need to move up the chain. I have visited with legislators in Washington D.C. and several state capitals, and I have written many letters on behalf of businesses and individuals. 

Writing services include social media, blog & newsletter content, employee handbooks, operational manuals, and emergency procedures, to name a few. 

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Observer of Ops

Legislative Affairs


I offer assistance in strengthening your association's: 


  • Foundation and infrastructure
  • Membership programs and benefits
  • Financial planning (budget, reporting, etc.)
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Print publications
  • Advertisement sales
  • Strategic plans
  • Membership communications and meetings
  • Conventions and expos
  • Organization chart and work flow
  • Bylaws
  • Policy and procedural documentation
  • Legislative and lobbying efforts
  • Legal and corporate filings
  • Employment processes

Presently, I'm the executive director for three state-wide associations. They're each governed by their own volunteer-based Board of Directors.

Technical training, leadership training, strategic planning, marketing assistance, and even actual management of non-profit organizations ~ I can help you meet the challenges of small associations.

This is a great way to produce eye-opening revelations & ah ha moments. The routine of daily life can cause one to not notice inefficiencies or to not be aware of effective tools. 


Marketing Review