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Mary Arlington, business consultant


My faith motivates me. I believe we are to help one another on this journey.

If lessons from my journey can help you, then let's connect!

"Let your light shine before others." Matt 5:16

My Earlier Journey

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I am rural by choice, while enjoying the memories of my life's urban experiences:

A Hands-On Owner and Operator

No one should work hard without having a little fun! 

  • Birthplace:  New York City 
  • H.S. Grad:  suburb of Washington D.C.
  • College Grad:  Dayton OH
  • Career:  Seattle, San Diego, Cleveland, Dayton, and Cincinnati
  • Avid Tourist: All states, many countries, urban and rural, highways and dirt roads, coastal, mountains and plains

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Thank you for wanting to become acquainted with me. The life I have lived led me to being a consultant.

As the owner and operator of an RV park, I oversaw and participated in all facets of management and operations. Through the efforts of many resources, the older and poorly-rated business was remodeled and enhanced, finally earning ratings among the top 8% of all RV parks in the country.

My campground hosted 10,000 people annually. I looked upon them as guests "camping in my backyard," much like a B&B owner entertains guests under their roof. 

I was the president to the sewer operator, front-office receptionist to janitor, and the bookkeeper, payroll officer and purchaser. I had helpers, but in their absence I did it all. I worked with all authorities and resolved all issues. I know what it's like to be too weary to smile at a customer but doing so anyway.

During that decade of daily operations, I volunteered my services with several non-profit associations in the tourism and business sector at the local, state and national levels. I served on several committees and held many titles including:

My earlier career was in the medical sector. I have also had the role of caretaker of ailing loved ones, a blessing I wouldn't trade other than for the situations in their lives to not have existed.

All of this, and my college studies in communications, business, and marketing, has led me to consulting, teaching, coaching, and speaking.